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Endurance Riding 

What is endurance riding?

Endurance riding is the art of managing your horse over controlled long distance races, varying from 16km to 160km in a day. This can be quite a challenging task for both horse & rider and care is taken to ensure that horses remain fit and well throughout the duration of the race by having designated checkpoints at which the horse will be examined by the vet and tended to by the riders crew team.

Tack & Equipment can often play quite a large part in getting the horse comfortably through the Endurance ride. Biothane is a widely used material in endurance riding; due to the nature of the sport, riding through all weathers, terrains and using water to keep the horse cool, tack can very quickly become wet & muddy and biothane is easy to wipe clean compared to leather which may often need treatment to prevent it becoming brittle. Biothane also comes in a selection of colours and so it is easy to find a bridle, reins, martingale & breastcollar in a colour to suit you & your horse! 

It is important that the horse can eat and drink whilst out on these rides and so hackamores are widely used to ensure that the horse’s mouth is free, alternatively lots of endurance bridles are designed that you can take the bit out of the horse’s mouth easily and be left with a halter. This comes in very handy at checkpoints, crew points and watering stops. 

Whilst boots can be useful, it is important to ensure that they are well fitting as over 160km an ill fitting boot may cause sores and discomfort. 

For the rider, lightweight quick drying material is the key. Riding around in wet, heavy clothes is no-ones idea of fun! Riding tights are often worn as they are light, comfortable and eliminate seams for rubbing.

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